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How to Go Zero-Waste at Work with The Honest Platter

Whether we like it or not, work consumes a lot of our time. If you're a 9-5er, on split shifts, casual, night shift, early mornings or just a general all-the-timer like me. It is easy to go zero-waste at work with these simple tips. It's not all about spending money either, I provide you with cheaper options to keep costs and your footprint down!

Coffee Is My Saviour

I actually can't go a working day without at least one coffee. I'm a nut mylk drinker, so an instant or Nespresso would never do the trick for me anyway. I need the real deal. The barista made. The $5 a pop consumers dream. 

One of the easiest changes I made when going zero-waste at work was to invest in a Keep Cup. These aren't the cheapest investment up-front, but you'll save the planet and your pocket in the long run with many cafe's offering a discount for BYO cup! We go through 295 million disposable coffee cups a year. That number is so big I can't even fathom it! If we all took our own cup or just took the time to sit and enjoy our coffee in-house for 5 minutes, the impact would be ginormous. 

For budget friendly options any flask or mug will do! I do suggest coming into work a little earlier though, beating the traffic and enjoying a coffee in a nice cozy cafe, talking to some people and enjoying the atmosphere!

A few of my local favourites that are doing great things for the planet are The Nourished Eatery, Hi Ho Silver Cart and The Orchard House Cafe.

Give Me Foooood!

I'm a serial snacker. Ask anyone that shares an office with me. I'm up and down one hundred times a day trying to source the best snack in the fridge. My favourite eco investments for food on the go have to be the stainless steel stackable bento box and round nesting containers from Ever Eco. The lunch box has two layers perfect for keeping fruit and vegetables seperate from other food, whilst the containers offer the perfect portion sizes for nuts and treats!

If you don't have time to make your lunch at home, take your lunch box anyway. Ask the cafe or bakery that you're picking up lunch from to pop it into your container for you. You may get a few odd looks, but most people are super keen to jump on the waste-free wagon! St Pierre's Sushi even gives you a discount! Again, any lunch box or container will do here. If you need to wrap food, stay away from plastic wraps and treat yourself to some beautiful beeswax wraps that you can use over and over and over again! (P.S they're super easy to make if your keen on some DIY!)

Utensils don't need to be anything fancy, just bring a set from home, wrap them in a bandana and tie with string. Voila, you have a ready to serve kit! The bandana can even double as a napkin. I do have the Bamboo Cutlery Set from Ever Eco though and absolutely love it!

Hydrate Me Babe!

Don't even get me started on bottled water. Americans alone drank 50 million bottles of water last year and less than 25% of those were recycled. Here in New Zealand especially, there is no need for this. Bring your own bottle, a Made by Fressko glass bottle is my favourite as it also doubles as my afternoon herbal tea infuser.

Now, I have to admit. I love Coke. Luckily, you can recycle the cans so at least that is one thing I am doing right in that department. When I drink my Coke or Kombucha, I love it through a straw. That is why I take my Ever Eco On-the-Go Straw Kit (in rose gold obv) with me everywhere! I feel like I'm bossing this zero-waste babe life every time I whip it out.

If you don't want to fork out a small loan for a water bottle, keep a glass bottle from your Daily Organics Kombucha or Antipodes Sparkling Water and use that on the go! They're fairly robust. Alternatively, whip out your flask!

Paper, Who?

The Honest Platter has been paperless from the start, it took a lot of persuading to get me to even get business cards! With all of the apps currently on the market it is easy enough to say no to pointless printing and utilise the tools we have. Sign documents with Acrobat, keep your accounts in order with email invoicing and MYOB software, share via email or apps such as Slack and recycle any paper you do end up having to use!

How Do I Carry All Of This Though!?

I use my The Nourished Eatery Tote daily. I love it, it is fantastic quality and beautifully designed. It fits everything above in perfectly with room for a few spare Rethink reusable shopping bags just incase I have to pop to the store straight after work!

I've had an unbelievable amount of fun so far this #plasticfreejuly, there are so many amazing waste-free options out there now that have become a staple in our daily lives. They are stylish, on-trend and planet friendly!

What are your favourite work day zero-waste tips you'd share with me?