Beautiful Grazing Tables & Platters, Bay of Plenty & Coromandel, NZ

From Cherry Tomato to Heritage Breed

Ok, picture this. Yesterday I was this small, ripe cherry tomato that was just about the fall off my plant and leave my delicious mates behind. Then today, I wake up and I'm this big beefy heritage breed that's just starting to grow out on a limb all by itself.

That is where I am at right now.

Don't get the analogy? (I don't blame you...) Let me explain!

Yesterday was my last day at I started there three years ago as a part time content creator and photographer. In short, I wrote about suitcases and I photographed them. Over the years I worked my way up through the ranks to the position of full-time Marketing Manager, with a fancy company car and a whole Toyota Corolla boot-full of knowledge behind me. By the way, her name was Rollie, I loved that car and it still hurts.

That job was pretty much everything I knew for the last three years. See, when I do something, I do it 1000% and my role at luggage was no different. Seriously ask me anything about luggage, I reckon I'll know the answer. I loved everything about that job. My managers were two guys (more like brothers now) that took me on as this odd little ball of anxiety and gave me the skills and time to grow and progress. 

Recently though, something had just been off. I'm not afraid to talk about mental health, and I will admit that I was struggling. My managers, as always, were extremely understanding and I took a little 'me time' away from work each week to focus on myself.

This is where I realised my passion for platters. It was my way of meditating you might say. I found incredible joy in creating these perfect pieces of beautiful organised chaos. I felt pride in what I was creating and a sense of real achievement when I saw peoples reactions to them.

I'd found my happy place and I didn't want to limit that to evenings and weekends. So I made the decision to leave and put everything I have into The Honest Platter.

I felt every emotion under the sun in that last month, but something stood out for me. The support. Never had I been in a position where I had been surrounded by so much love and support. My #girlgang at work always knew the right things to say and I appreciated Lauren's happiness for me more than she'll ever know. My partner made up a dance and a song every time we hit an Honest Platter milestone and the boys at work offered me years of their skills and knowledge. 

See, yesterday I was that cherry tomato. Hanging with my mates, knowing what I was doing. Today I'm a heritage breed. I'm not necessarily alone, I have the support of the whole plant, but as of today. I'm making my dream a reality. The Honest Platter will be my future. I will be the biggest tomato at the farmers market.