Beautiful Grazing Tables & Platters, Bay of Plenty & Coromandel, NZ

I Do It For, I Do It For The Gram... But Should I?

Instagram plays a huge part in my 'marketing strategy'. I use the term lightly because at the moment, I don't really have one at all. So far I just know that I have a beautiful backlog of images from Good Together and that I want and need to share them with the world. So when I hit an Instagram road-block last night, I may have overreacted a little. 

A little back-story, I was lucky enough to cater for the beautifully talented Stephanie and her brand launch for SaltySea last night. SaltySea offers ethically made swimwear and activewear, made in Bali and sold here in NZ all from Steph's (beautiful!) home in Athenree.

The decor was perfect, the models were/are unbelievable babe-machines and my platter was bossing it, (if I do say so myself) with the help of a few of my favourite Dough Garden donuts to totally top the night off.

The only thing that was wrong? My gram game. It was poor to say the least.

For some reason I let this totally ruin my night. I came home and scrolled through my 50 odd photos and I sulked. “If I don’t have a photo for Instagram, how will anyone even know it happened?!”. Nick rolled his eyes and huffed. Not understanding why I wouldn’t post the yellow and orange tinged photographs on my overly curated feed.

That is when it hit me. Instagram isn’t just a huge focus for my marketing strategy, it’s a huge focus of my life. And I’m not being honest with you.

It might look like all rainbows and unicorns but it isn’t, I've been lying to you. I’ll explain. 

The photograph of me staring out into the ocean at Homunga Bay? I was a mess. It was hot, humid and a hard uphill back to the car - but I posed for the gram never the less. 

Sunrise walks with my dogs? I’m not a get-up-and-go morning person. I was struggling hard  with depression and couldn’t sleep. I was addicted to walking, it was my medication - still posed for the gram.

Sunsets up North? I needed to take time off work because I just wasn’t coping. Stress had made a wreck out of me - still, sunglasses on and pose for the gram. 

See, Instagram is beautiful and I’m not going to pretend that I won’t check it 3000 times a day anymore or upload my happy and cherished moments with friends, family and customers alike. But I do want to start using it for good. To talk about mental health, our struggles and what makes us human.  To highlight the important things, to raise each other up and back each other when we need it.

So when you scroll past and you see a beautiful photograph, please do take the time to read the caption, because I may just be there sharing a little piece of my heart with you, to make Instagram an honest place. 

Still gutted I didn't get a good photo of the SaltySea platter though.