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The Bay's Raddest Pink Ribbon Breakfast | Event Catering

I'm certainly no philanthropist. I'll even admit that I've pretended to be on my phone when exiting the supermarket because I don't have any coins to give the volunteers that are sat outside in the pouring down rain and cold collecting. I've never really been in a position before where people would come to an event because of something I do. For some reason though, the promise of a big old brunch graze coupled with Coraleigh's fab coffee, baking and our sub-par banter meant we were in a position to put on our first Pink Ribbon Breakfast as a collab! People actually came, I put on some pretty fab event catering (if I do say so myself) and it was a bloody good time all round. Oh yeah, and we raised TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Breast Cancer foundation! 

Event Catering Bay of Plenty | The Honest Platter
Louisiana Lucy Furniture Hire | The Honest Platter

We had some unbelievable help from Felicity who managed to suss us some AMAZING sponsors. The event was photographed by Georgia McNeil Photography who not only donated her time on the day, but also donated a $500 voucher for our auction!! Baillie from SYD Workshops came along to run our tit-tees workshop (thanks for letting me run with that one team!) and the crazy talented Lynette Fisher came to talk about her experience with breast cancer in our tit-talk segment.

The Honest Platter | Tauranga Event Catering
Tauranga Event Catering | The Honest Platter

I may have presented this food in a way that made it look pretty, but the real work came from behind the scenes and the sponsors that helped us get there. Coraleigh donated the large cheeses herself, the meat and HUGE salmon came from Bethlehem Butchery, the coffee from the team at Excelso and the milk from The Dairy Team. Our bread came from Cottage Lane and Black Walnut Venue/Flying Pig Hire, the fruit and small cheese for the VIP bags came from the lovely Cherrywood Four Square! Liquorland Tauranga donated PINK BUBBLES for us to dig into!

BCFNZ | Event Catering | Sponsors
Event Catering | BCFNZ | The Honest Platter
Event Catering in the bay of Plenty | The Honest Platter

The insanely beautiful table and chairs we got to sit on came from LL Furniture Hire, who's amazing delivery driver didn't hesitate for a second when we notified him at the very last second that we had a venue change! (oh yeah, it was POURING DOWN! - thanks to Classic Builders for the extra marquee!)

The Honest Platter | Hollie | Event Catering

The morning went so much better that I could have expected, especially seems as neither Coraleigh or I had had a proper day off in a long time and we were running on empty. Shoutout to Coraleigh's Mum, Dad and family who were just next level superstars helping with everything on the day. Her dad even set up the centrepiece florals and when I was blown away by them he just said 'Eh, I'm an engineer' like it was nothing. Alright pal, we're not all that gifted with florals (flashbacks to my terrible bouquet at the SYD Workshops x Hand-Picked workshop came flashing back!). It went a little like this. Coffee on arrival. Tit-tees workshop, so we could wear the tees throughout the morning, BREAKFAST, tit-talk, MORE FOOD, auction and spot prize giveaway! 

Coffee on arrival. Tit-tees workshop, so we could wear the tees throughout the morning, BREAKFAST, tit-talk, MORE FOOD, auction and spot prize giveaway! 

Bay of Plenty Event Catering | The Honest Platter
The Honest Platter | Event Catering
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The t-shirts for the workshop were donates by The Warehouse Fraser Cove and the Sharpies and a few little pink goodies for the VIPs came from Warehouse Stationary! How crazy is it that all these amazing people helped us out?! I think the tit-tees workshop ended up being a highlight for a LOT of people. We'll 100% be doing that again next year, but maybe with fabric paint to take things up a LEVEL!

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Next up was our auction. I had way too much fun with this segment. Again, everything was donated which meant 100% of the winnings could go to the breast cancer foundation. IN-SANE!

Our auction items were: A flower and chocolate covered fruit 'boob-quet' from Chocolola! The cuest little new born set from Nurture Bubs (don't tell my dad but I had a slight 'awh a baby could be cute' moment!). A carry-on Explorer Luna-Air suitcase from in pink, obviously! A beautiful gift pack from Amberjack Apothecary, that I know went to the most grateful home. A full collection of my favourite eco insanely good smelling cleaning products in the whole entire world from Keep It Clean! The $500 voucher from Georgia McNeil Photography (you see all these photos?! AMAZING HUH!), a kids slumber party set up from Wild and Whimsy Events and a beautiful gift pack from Brookfield Unichem Pharmacy!

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Our spot prizes of $10 vouchers for Hide Thirst and Hunger and 30 minute facials from Caci Clinic Tauranga were a HIT! (I won a facial, I'm beyond excited. I've literally never done anything like this before in my life - you can prob tell by my face!).

The whole event was incredible. I personally loved every second of it and can not wait to do it all over again next year! Thank you so so much to all of those that came along, those that donated items and those who put up with my tired self pre and post event! I couldn't be more grateful Also, huge shoutout to Commercial Signs LTD Tauranga who put together our signage and made sure everyone knew where they were going after the venue change! THANK YOU!

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