Beautiful Grazing Tables & Platters, Bay of Plenty & Coromandel, NZ

We Don’t Sleep

Since I started this journey, I’ve lay awake with my thoughts many a night. Sometimes it’s trivial thoughts. Thoughts such as ‘why do I pay so much for passionfruit when it’s mainly just air and like a spoonful of seed and goo’ or ‘why do apples go brown after only a few minutes, do they not like being pretty?!’. The trivial questions are usually answered with a quick 3am Google or a “shut up” from Nick. It’s the other thoughts that take up the most room in my mind that keep me awake.

It’s normal to question yourself. Especially in business, and it’s ok to have thoughts of self doubt. When they start to consume you, wear you down and make you question why you’re on this journey, it’s time to lay all those thoughts out and answer them.

 To succeed in business, you don’t need to be strong and untouchable 24/7. You can cry, scream at your computer when Word freezes, make up dances and songs to get you through the hard times and not leave the house for a day if you need to. It’s not all about stern faces and suits anymore. I want to lay my thoughts down here, with you, so you know whatever your thoughts are. You’re not alone.

New Zealand and the Bay of Plenty in particular is full of amazingly talented creators and business people. I want nothing more than to support every single one of those people. With social media at our fingertips, it’s so easy to do so! But it is also easy to compare yourself and wonder “why aren’t I...”. 

”Why aren’t I as busy...”, “Am I as good as...”, “Why doesn’t that particular audience book me” and so on and so on.

This journey is yours. Don’t compare, don’t compete. Support, care and celebrate. Our journeys will differ, our wins and learnings will make us and our business who and what we are. Feel the things you need to feel and then let them go, because together we can build each other up and spend time focusing on our own businesses rather than worrying about others.

After a platter or grazing table I sit and I stare at the photos. Nit picking at every little issue I see. Does anyone else see it? No probably not, but until I receive feedback from the customer I worry, worry, worry! I’m learning to not need the feedback. A lot of people don’t give it, and that is their right. I need to come to terms with that. Believe in myself, my product and my business and realise that I give everything 1000% and that is enough.

No matter your thoughts, lay them down, talk to someone about them and get them out of your mind. So you can channel all of your energy into the positive.


P.S whilst I’m here, I’m scared of people not liking me so yeah. Please like me.